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Chidow aims to bring the pet pawrents community together with current trends and style to reflect each dog’s personality. And of course couldn’t hurt to make your feed pop too! Our company was created by owner Sammara Perez, pawrent of two lowrider dogs with a graphic design background that fueled the vision for different pet accessories. All of our products are handmade by me, with Shadow by my side and Chibi on my feet. All bandanas are handmade this means that each will be unique and there might be slight differences in size and design placement. 

Chidow started by me making cozy pajamas for Shadow since she’s very sensitive to cold. And then moved to making bandanas for her and Chibi because she likes to be in the nude. Long story short, sewing piqued my interest in owning my business and although there are plenty of pet bandanas out there this fact didn’t kill the dream. And I hope to design my own prints in the future and include more goodies other than bandanas (I see you stylish pawrents!). In the meantime, I take pride in curating prints and making bandanas and bows perfect for your photoshoots.

Thank you so much for following and supporting our dreams of being small business owners!


-Smooches, Chidow

Chibi and Shadow dogs

Chibi + Shadow = Chidow
Meet the faces behind our company.



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